Is it possible to master IBPS SO Quant Section in 2 weeks?

If you are looking to shape your career in the banking sector, IBPS SO might provide you with the perfect entry to the banking sector. Every year lakhs of candidates move forward with the ibps so apply online application form to appear for the Specialist Officer Examination. Out of which, the candidates who apply online for the posts of Agriculture Field Officer, IT Officer, Marketing Officer, or HR Officer have to deal with the Quant Section as in the prelims examination- the Quant section is included in their syllabus.

IBPS SO Quant Section in 2 weeks

However, most of the time, it is seen that IBPS SO aspirants aren’t well prepared for the Quant Section even till the examination month. It is mainly because they aren’t usually part of the general banking competition. Nevertheless, if you are from a Maths background, you can always attain a decent score in the IBPS SO Examination in minimal time.

Top IBPS SO Tips to Master Quantitative Aptitude for prelims Examination

Usually, there is a gap of 1-2 weeks between the ibps so admit card release date and date of examination. Hence, a candidate usually gets around 1-2 weeks even after admit cards are released. In case you are not prepared till the admit card release date, this article might help you to utilize the last two weeks effectively to become exam-ready for the ibps so quant section. 

  • Missing Number/Wrong Number Series: Since you’re short on time, it is advisable to first master the easy yet scoring topic for the IBPS SO Examination. Hence, the first topic you can master is the Missing Number Series. It is a very basic and easy topic where your basic understanding of missing number series concepts would be enough to score full marks in these questions. However, you should ensure that you practice them daily so that you can solve them with high speed in the exam.
  • Quadratic Equation: Once you’re done practicing Number Series Questions, you can always move on to another scoring topic, that is Quadratic Equation. Again in this topic, you won’t be required to possess any extraordinary Mathematical skills, a basic understanding of factorization will be sufficient for this topic. However, in Quadratic Equation questions, you can’t afford to take more than 30-40 seconds, else you won’t have enough time to solve other time-taking questions in the examination.
  • Simplification/Approximation: Usually, around 5-6 simplification questions are asked in the IBPS SO Exam, and are a highly scoring topic. Again in the simplification questions, it is more about calculation skills than mathematical concepts. Therefore, in Simplification questions, try to attain such a high speed that you are able to solve simplification questions in less than 30 seconds.
  •  Easy DI: In the Quant Section of IBPS SO Examination, the weightage of Data Interpretation is the maximum. It is an indispensable part of the Quantitative Aptitude section without which you won’t be able to score a decent score. Usually, in the IBPS SO Examination, at least 1 Data Interpretation question is purely calculation-based with direct easy mathematical concepts. It can be tabular DIs, pie charts, percentage-based DIs, etc. Therefore, you should practice such DIs before moving on to complex DIs.
  • Complex/ Casellete DI: Apart from simple & calculative DIs, there are various other DIs asked in the IBPS SO Examination which are based on arithmetic concepts. These DIs are based on arithmetic chapters like Time & Work, Boats & Streams, Ratio & Proportion, Double Pie Charts, etc. For mastering these DIs, you would be required to possess a basic understanding of arithmetic chapters.
  • Arithmetic: Usually, 10-12 arithmetic questions are asked in the IBPS SO Examination, therefore, you can’t afford to skip arithmetic chapters. But, in case you are short on time, you can study a few important chapters like time & Work, Ration & Proportion, Boats & Streams, and SI & CI. However, it is always advisable to be prudent while dealing arithmetic questions in the IBPS SO Examination as they can be very time taking.

Yes, if you study prudently, you can aim to score a decent score, if not the highest of scores in 2 weeks preparation. Hence, be smart and follow the tips mentioned in the article to score high with little preparation.

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