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Top 10 Home-Based Information Technology Jobs

Data Scientist

In this position, you’ll analyze vast  amounts of data to make business decisions. And of course, data  scientists are precisely information technology jobs that are easy to  work from home.


Software Developer

This is a job for someone who is constantly on the lookout for the next big idea and who wants to make the world a better place. The essential skill required to get this job is a high level of programming knowledge.


Information Security Analyst

As an information security analyst, you must conduct compliance audits and penetration testing to identify risks and monitor security compliance. Assess security threats and determine the impact of these threats.


Computer Systems Analyst

As you move through the IT job ladder, you will be a project manager and troubleshooter, developing, managing and monitoring complex projects.


Web Developer 

Web developers work with a client from  afar to create dynamic websites that are attractive, useful, and  integrated into their customer’s digital presence.


Sales Engineer

The remote sales engineer is a self-directed employee who’s always available via video conference and chat.


Information Technology Manager

You’ll be managing multiple offices, developing technology-related policies, and managing tasks across various teams.


Computer Research Scientist

Organizations hire these skilled  professionals to help develop and deploy complex computer and  information systems. Candidates for this remote computer and IT job will  be strong data scientists.


Systems Administrator

Network and systems administration positions are often home-based and are part-time, telecommuting positions.


Computer Support Specialists

One of the best remote computer and technology jobs for people interested in working remotely