This Ajay Devgan Went Viral On Social Media

Ajay Devgan's lookalike went viral on social media, people's funny reaction, said - looks like a fried version

A duplicate video of Ajay Devgan is going viral on social media, which is seen copying the look of Ajay Devgan of the 90s.

Seeing the popularity of Bollywood stars, many times their duplicates keep appearing. Sometimes these duplicates also become famous, sometimes they become the characters of some jokes.

Some duplicates have become so famous by simply copying the stars that their employment runs through them. The fans of the stars also become happy to meet such duplicates.

In the video shared on Instagram, a man wearing a black coat-pants and black glasses is seen eating food at a local dhaba. Seeing this person copying the look of Ajay Devgan of the nineties, people are making very funny comments on social media.

In the video, a voice over in Bhojpuri is heard from behind. In Bhojpuri, someone is saying from behind, 'Look Ajay Devgan is having breakfast in 7 star hotel'.

Very funny comments are coming on this funny video. Social media users are calling it a very local cheap copy of superstar Ajay Devgan. Commenting on a user wrote, 'Ajay Devgan roasted in oil'.