Noida Supertech Twin Towers Demolition

Sunday, 28 August 2022 By PYadav

The infamous Twin Towers in the Supertech Emerald Court residential complex of Noida have been demolished after a Supreme Court verdict in the matter.

The buildings were originally supposed to have only 9 floors which, with multiple modulations, were revised to 40 floors.

The residents of the society went to court in 2012 alleging the company of having had violated norms to make profit. In 2014, the Allahabad High Court ruled in favour of the residents and ordered for the towers to be demolished at the expense of the company.

Supertech appealed against the verdict eventually leading the matter to the Supreme Court. In August 2021, the Allahabad High Court order in the matter was upheld by the Supreme Court noticing that building norms were violated.

The buildings were to be demolished in May of 2022 but it was furthered to August 21, 2022.

The Supertech Twin Towers were finally brought down on August 28 after a 9 year long legal battle between the residents of the society and Supertech.

A whopping 3700 kgs of explosives were used to raze this giant building to the ground. The demolition procedure was carried out by Edifice Engineering and its partner Jet Demolitions of South Africa.