Jobs That Don't Exist Today But Will Exist In 2025

Data Detective

If you are someone who enjoys following leads and solving whodunits along with inferring meanings out of a huge pile of data then data detective is the job of the future that can intrigue you.

AI Business Development Manager

The AI Business Development Manager is basically a business development manager who accelerates sales with the help of Artificial Intelligence. As an AI Business Development Manager, you will need experience with cloud computing and/or related fields along with a strong business sense.

Chief Productivity Officer

Chief Productivity Officers use data available to them to increase the productivity of individuals as well as departments. For this role, a person will need to have experience with product management along with strong and analytical skills.

Drone Manager

Future jobs are up in the sky! In the past, drones were a novelty, but recent times have seen an increased use of drones in various fields and it's only going to increase in the future. Maybe in the coming years, your food orders will be delivered by a drone instead of a delivery guy.

Wholeness Mentor

According to Ford Motor Company’s in-house futurist Sheryl Connelly, connectivity has actually made us feel busier. With the increasing emphasis on mindfulness and rising 'time-poverty', the demand for Wholeness Mentor is going to increase too.

Fitness Commitment Counselor

With people getting more and more concerned about their health and fitness, the demand for digital fitness trackers like Fitbit has increased. But experts say that digital trackers can't do it alone.

Digital Tailor

How many times has it happened that you ordered clothes online but had to return them because the fit isn't good? Currently, 40% of clothes ordered online are returned due to size and fit issues. With more and more customers ordering online, the Digital Tailor will become a lucrative job.

AI-Assisted Healthcare Technician

Soon the demand for nurses with the ability to work with digital tools and software is going to increase. This job role will demand nurses or healthcare technicians to examine patients with the help of digital tools and ensure the follow-through of the prescribed treatment.