WhatsApp New Update: Invisible on WhatsApp

The latest update to the beta version of WhatsApp brings a function that leaves the person offline and free to browse the application without knowing the contacts

This WhatsApp Update allows the user to choose be invisible to all contacts or just to specific numbers.

Till now users only could hide their last seen but after this update, you can also hide online status as invisible.

Learn how to be invisible on WhatsApp

1. Go to “Settings” and then “Account 2. Click on “Privacy” and then on “Last      seen and online 3. Go to “Who can see when I’m online 4. Select who can see if you are using     the app: “Everyone”, “My Contacts”,     “My     Contacts except…” or     “Nobody”.

Finally, there's another way to be more "anonymous" in the app. In the "Privacy" section, users can also decide whether they want their contacts to receive a read receipt with two blue dashes.

WhatsApp also offers the option to hide your last seen status from  certain contacts. You can hide your online presence from certain people