9 Hobbies That Make Great Careers

Cake Decoration

Work in a bakeshop or create your own. You can also earn cash by teaching others.


Become a DJ, teach music to children, create your own music, create a YouTube channel, or be part of the wedding planning team.


Not technically a hobby, just something we enjoy. You can work as a travel blogger.


A very common hobby that can be easily transformed into a career.


write books, work for a publishing company, be an editor, start a blog, or write for other blogs.


If you like gardening consider being a fruit grower, a flowers shop seller, or a landscape designer.


bus driver, taxi driver, tour driver, golf cart driver, or driving instructor.


Work for a gaming company as a video game tester, create your own games, start a gaming website, or start a Twitch channel.


You can become a street performer, teach novices, or create a tutorial/book about it.