Fans Angry On Criminal Justice Season 3

By Dharmesh

Pankaj Tripathi's courtroom drama 'Criminal Justice 3' released, but fans are angry about this.

Courtroom drama Criminal Justice has come out with its third season. Madhav Mishra has an even more complicated case this time which he is trying to solve.

The fan following of the last 2 seasons of Criminal Justice was so tremendous that people were eagerly waiting for August 25. Fans on Disney Plus Hotstar immediately started bingeing it

But this time the makers released the episodes with some such twist that people are very angry with it. He vented his anger fiercely on social media.

Fans on social media are praising Pankaj Tripathi's performance in Criminal Justice 3. But he has a complaint with the makers of the show that this time only two episodes have been uploaded so far.

Fans hoping to watch the entire series have been disappointed by this. People are expressing their displeasure by tweeting on social media.

One user wrote on twitter –  The first 2 episodes of #CriminalJustice3 are awesome but the problem is only 2 episodes are releasing this week...huhh oh chalo yaar we are binge watchers so please release all the episodes together.

Let us tell you that this is the first time that only two episodes of this series have been released at a time. Earlier, the abstract episodes of the series are uploaded together so that the continuity of the people remains.