List of Countries With The Cheapest Mobile Data


1GB Data Approx 3.17 INR


1GB Data Approx 9.50 INR

San Marino

1GB Data Approx 11.09 INR


1GB Data Approx 11.88 INR


1GB Data Approx 13.46 INR

Israel has been a global leader in the provision of 5G and continues to  top the global table when it comes to the price of data as well. In  comparison, much of India’s population relies on mobile data to get  online, fuelling demand and hence keeping prices low.

India will soon overtake China as the most populous in the world. To meet the needs of such a large population, it is necessary to provide them with mobile data infrastructure. Talking about the figures of December 2021, there are about 640 million active internet users in India.

Why Is Data So Cheap In India?