That Pay Women More Than Men

Careers In India

Careers In India

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-Phlebotomists -Dental Hygienist -Dental Assistant -Nurse -Medical Records -Transcriptional -Dietician / Nutritionist -Patient Relations -Manager


-Special Education -Teacher -Nursery Teacher -Curriculum Developer -Child Development -Specialist

Admin and Legal

-Paralegal -Legal Assistant -Secretary -Administrative Assistant -Personal Assistant -Receptionist -Librarian

Sales and Marketing

-Communications Officer -Sales and Marketing -Coordinator -Sales Representative -Call Center Agent -Customer Service -Representative -Conference Organizer

Travel and Hospitality

-Flight Attendant -Tour Guide -Travel Agent -Hostess / Waitress

Events Management and PR

-Media Relations  Representative -Event and Wedding  Planner -Advertising Coordinator

Fitness and Care

-Fitness Trainer -Yoga Instructor -Skincare Specialist

Human Resources

-Staff Wellness Officer -Staff Relations Officer

Other Careers

-Interior Decorator -Visual Merchandiser -Social Worker -Youth Care Counselor -Environmental  Coordinator -Animal Health  Technician