Bihar Student Gets 151 Out of 100 in Political Science Exam

At the Lalit Narayan University of Darbhanga, Bihar a graduate student was surprised when he saw in his result that he was given 151 marks in the paper of 100.

Student is pursuing BA (Hons). He has got these numbers in Paper-4 of Political Science.

A student was given 151 marks in the 100 marks paper. Seeing the result, the student himself was also surprised. At the same time, the university is calling it a case of typing error.

Mark Sheet

The student said, I was surprised to see the result. He said that the provisional mark was the seat. The authorities should have scrutinized it before releasing it. This is not the first case of default by the university.

Here a failed student of B.Com, who had 0 marks in Accounting and Finance Paper-4, was promoted to the next grade.

At the same time, the university said that this is a typing error. It has been said by the university that soon the second mark sheet will be issued.