Skype Interview: 15 Tips for Success

How to handle an interview on Skype? Here are helpful and practical tips for tackling online job interviews via Skype, which is increasingly used by large companies and employment agencies or recruitment companies to meet with candidates.

Skype Interview: 15 Tips for Success

Because It’s Important To Know How To Face Interview On Skype

Skype interviews allow you to have the first meeting even if you are far away, so much so that many selections of personnel for work abroad are this way. It is increasingly used to conduct the first screening – even if the workplace is not too far away for potential candidates – as it allows HR managers to save time by avoiding the in-person meeting that may take place at the second or final stage of selection.

In addition, Skype interviews are currently the most widely used personnel selection tool by companies that need to comply with epidemiological emergencies and social distancing norms from COVID-19.

This Skype interview guide explains the dos and don’t of successfully passing this type of selection.

Before the Interview

Here’s what you should do to prepare yourself better:

1. You will probably be asked to provide your Skype contact in advance the day before the interview. Make sure you have a professional surname that doesn’t sound vague (ideally name. surname).

2. Give and ask for a Mobile number so that you can contact the interviewer in case of problems or unforeseen events.

3. Check all technical equipment, confirming whether the audio and video are working. If you don’t know the program very well, get familiar with it a day or two before the interview and practice video calling.

4. Choose an enclosed space with a neutral wallpaper behind you or try yourself in a more formal-looking room. Don’t use virtual backgrounds, but opt ​​for a bookcase or a white wall, for example, and focus on lighting, preferably using artificial and adjustable light to avoid annoying reflections.

5. Try to isolate yourself by cutting off the audio on your cell phone. Make sure no one enters the room you are in and eliminate all sound and visual distractions.

6. Keep a pen and paper handy for taking notes.

7. Dress carefully, choosing appropriate clothing for the context and situation. You can also opt for an informal style for a video call interview, as long as that is enough. For women, yes for makeup, but discreet and appropriate for the occasion.

8. Be on time! Connect early (at least 10 minutes in advance) and be ready to answer calls. The advice is always to wait for the interviewer to call you.

During the Interview on Skype

Here we are. The video call has started, you have “virtually” met your interlocutor, and the Skype interview starts. Any suggestions:

1. Use headphones. They will help you isolate yourself from outside noise and focus better on the conversation.

2. Look in the right direction, i.e., the webcam.

3. Don’t play with your hair, pen, or diary. Avoid crossing your arms or taking the wrong posture. Try to be restrained but not harsh.

4. Let your interlocutor speak, listen to him without interrupting him, and don’t be afraid if there is a few seconds of silence.

6. For example, ask for detailed feedback and the company’s deadline for evaluating the interview and the next steps.

7. Say hello and thank you for the time that has been dedicated to you. Avoid closing the call in a hurry. Try to remain polite and professional.

8. Pay attention to the topics covered, the questions asked, and your answers immediately after the interview, when memory is most vivid: this information can be helpful during subsequent interviews.

You are now ready for face to face Skype interview. You will be more prepared and confident by following these simple rules.

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