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There are new Amazon Work From Home opportunities for Indians. Amazon has come out with jobs in this tough time, which is work from home. If you want to work from home and boost your career, then this job is for you. What would be better than this is that you have to work from your home.

Amazon Work From Home

The e-commerce giant is looking for staff available to work in smart working throughout the national territory. These are virtual positions, for which it is not necessary to reside near the Group’s offices, as the work is carried out remotely.

Here are the active Amazon home vacancies and how to apply.

About Amazon, Inc. is an American multinational conglomerate that focuses on e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence. It is one of the Big Five companies in the U.S. information technology industry, including Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook.

Amazon Work From Home

During the year, Amazon offers interesting remote job opportunities for Indians. The online eCommerce company periodically selects various figures interested in the so-called agile work, that is, to work from home or other locations other than the company’s offices remotely.

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These are job opportunities of particular interest, especially in this period, given the epidemiological emergency from Covid-19 and the anti-contagion initiatives adopted by the Indian government. The latter include promoting Amazon Work From Home, where possible, so much so that new measures for smart working have been introduced.

Due to the particular nature of this mode of employment, virtual positions for Amazon hiring are not available to all business sectors. The areas of greatest interest for these personnel selections are mainly web services and transport and logistics, human resources, operations technology, order distribution, and customer service.

Required Figures

The Amazon offers of work from home are aimed at both qualified people and graduates to be included through the leadership program, a training and work path that provides for direct insertion in the company, for an indefinite period. Furthermore, there is no shortage of professional opportunities for young people, even without experience, thanks to remote Amazon internships.

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Open Positions

Here is a brief overview of the virtual positions and agile job opportunities at Amazon currently available for which you can apply:

  • Virtual Customer Service Shipping & Delivery Associate.
  • Transportation Safety Manager.
  • Last Mile Safety Manager.
  • Delivery Safety Manager.
  • Control Systems Engineer, Amazon Logistics.
  • Head of EU Central Team, Design and Construction.
  • Salesforce Product Manager.
  • Warehouse Area Manager.
  • Telco Partner Sales Manager.
  • Senior Program Manager.
  • Piedmont Operations Manager – Last Mile Logistics.
  • Carrier Manager.
  • Loss prevention specialist.
  • HR Intern.
  • Procurement Intern.
  • Business Analysis Intern.

How to Apply

Those interested in future Amazon hires and active work-from-home opportunities can visit the Group’s career platform (Work with us). It is possible to view the Amazon smart working offers and apply them online to those interested by sending the CV using the appropriate form.

It is possible to conduct a thematic search of the advertisements, selecting the type of employment, sector, location, professional area, and category of employment of interest. To view Amazon job offers remotely in India, select “WFH” in the City menu.

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Other Job Opportunities in Amazon

If you want to see more jobs in Amazon, such as Amazon warehouse jobs, then you can go to the job portal of Amazon. You have to select some options according to your jobs like state, city, job type, job category. After selecting all these, you will get the job of your choice, and you can apply directly from there.

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